Best car lease deals: July 2024

Our pick of the best leasing deals in the UK: low monthly payments including the cheapest deals we've found on cars and SUVs

By Tom Phillips July 8, 2024

Lease deals are generally the cheapest way to drive a brand new car, with low monthly payments and none of the hassle of owning a vehicle. It may mean that you can afford a better car than you expected. 

Leasing is a form of long-term car hire and is also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH). It's usually flexible, so you can adjust the initial payment, contract length and mileage limit. You will normally be billed extra if you exceed the mileage limit or the car is returned damaged.

For more flexibility, or to finance a used car, then you should look at Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements. These include the option to trade the car in for a newer model, buy it outright or simply hand it back at the end of the term. You can also spread the cost of buying a car with Hire Purchase (HP). For more information, see our guide to buying a car on finance.

Best car leasing deals A-Z


Audi leases include the Audi A3 Sportback from £335, the Audi A4 Saloon from £410, the Audi A6 Saloon from £480, the Audi Q4 e-tron from £660 and the Audi Q6 e-tron from £840 per month. Find out more on these deals


BMW offers most of its range on PCH, including the BMW 118i M Sport for £354, BMW 320i M Sport for £518 and the BMW iX1 eDrive20 M Sport for £531 per month. Find out more on these deals


The BYD Dolphin is available on PCH, starting at £269 per month on a two-year deal with free servicing included. Find out more on this deal


Citroen has PCH deals including the Citroen C3 from £279 per month, the Citroen C4 from £349, and the Citroen C5 X from £479 per month. Find out more on these deals


Cupra currently has a competitive lease deal available on the Cupra Born V3. It's £350 per month with £2,080 down over 36 months. Find out more on this deal

DS Automobiles

All DS models are available for lease, with a DS 3 from £299 per month, a DS 4 from £349 per month, a DS 7 from £439 or a DS 9​ from £849. Find out more on these deals


Lease a Fiat 500 for just £199 per month with £999 initial rental. This lease deal runs over 48-months and has a mileage limit of 6,000 per year. Find out more on this deal


The GWM Ora 03 Pure+ is available to lease from £274 a month on a 36-month deal. The longer-range GMW Ora O3 Pro+ starts from £289 per month. Find out more on these deals


Jaguar offers PCH on all of its models, with the Jaguar E-Pace and Jaguar F-Pace both starting at £635 per month, and the Jaguar I-Pace EV at £919. The Jaguar F-Type starts from £1,065. Find out more on these deals


The Jeep Avenger is available on PCH from £259 per month, the Jeep Renegade from £339, the Jeep Compass from £359, the Jeep Grand Cherokee from £584 per month and the Jeep Wrangler from £635. Find out more on these deals

Land Rover

Land Rover Defender 110 leases start at £1,009 per month, Land Rover Discovery at £925, and Land Rover Discovery Sport at £795. Find out more on these deals


Mazda offers a selected range of models on PCH. The Mazda MX-30 EV costs from £263, the Mazda CX-60 costs £478 and the Mazda2 Hybrid costs from £292 per month. Find out more on these deals


The standard range Polestar 2 Standard Range Single Motor is available to lease for £463.24 per month on a 48-month deal with £558.83 down. Find out more on this deal

Range Rover

Range Rover Evoque on PCH starts at £609 per month, a Range Rover Velar from £795, a Range Rover Sport from £1,075, and a Range Rover from £1,861. Find out more on these deals


PCH for a Renault Clio starts at £239, a Renault Captur costs from £251, the Renault Arkana starts from £347, a Renault Megane E-Tech from £379, the Renault Austral from £407, the Renault Scenic from £437 and the Renault Rafale costs from £570 per month. Find out more on these deals


SEAT lease options include the SEAT Ibiza from £240, the SEAT Leon from £320 and the SEAT Arona from £350 per month. Find out more on these deals


Skoda leases include the Skoda Fabia from £295, the Skoda Octavia from £335, the Skoda Karoq from £365, the Skoda Kodiaq from £405, the Skoda Superb from £410 and the Skoda Enyaq from £505. Find out more on these deals


The Subaru Crosstrek is available on PCH from £395, the Subaru Forester e-Boxer from £489, the Subaru Outback from £455, and the Subaru Solterra from £579 per month. Find out more on these deals


The Tesla Model Y SUV is available from £399 a month, while the facelifted Tesla Model 3 starts from £499 per month. Find out more on these deals


Vauxhall offers some of its models with PCH. Prices start at £239 a month for a petrol-powered Vauxhall Corsa and £305 for a petrol-powered Vauxhall Astra. Find out more on these deals

VolkswagenVolkswagen Tiguan

VW currently offers leases on the VW Golf from £275, the VW Tiguan from £395, the VW ID.4 from £430, the VW ID.5 from £455, the VW ID.7 from £510 and the VW Touareg from £770 per month. Find out more on these deals


Leasing deals include the Volvo XC40 from £299 a month, the Volvo XC60 from £429 and the Volvo XC90 from £599. EV deals include the Volvo EX30, Volvo XC40 Recharge and Volvo C40 Recharge from £399 per month. Find out more on these deals

Best car leasing deals by price  

Vauxhall Corsa

Vauxhall Corsa
Lease from £151 per month
Vauxhall Corsa review

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most recognisable cars in the UK. Chances are you, or someone you know, learned to drive behind the wheel of Vauxhall's supermini. The Corsa's popularity is based on the car's value for money, with the latest model being the best yet in terms of its cost versus the equipment you get - even base models come with most luxuries you need. It may not be quite as exciting to look as the Peugeot 208, with which it shares technology and engines, but otherwise the Corsa is an extremely solid choice.

  • Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 GS 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 35 x £150.73 (£5,275.55)
  • Initial payment: £1,808.76
  • Length of lease: 36 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Renault Clio

Renault Clio
Lease from £180 per month
Renault Clio review

Not just a common sight in the UK, the Renault Clio is the whole of Europe's most popular supermini. Recently refreshed too, the Clio is good to drive, has plenty of equipment as standard, and the interior itself feels nicely finished. The Clio is a little tight on rear-seat space, but otherwise Renault's fine little supermini remains a great choice for much of what life can throw at it.

  • Renault Clio 1.0 TCe 90 Evolution 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 23 x £180.09 (£4,142.07)
  • Initial payment: £2,161.08
  • Length of lease: 24 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai
Lease from £203 per month
Nissan Qashqai review

The Nissan Qashqai is a really popular car in the UK. This latest version is arguably the most striking yet, but that doesn't come at the expense of the practicality and ease of use that made it such a hit with family buyers in the first place. All Qashqais come with plenty of equipment, offering decent value, too.

  • Nissan Qashqai 1.5 E-Power Acenta Premium 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 23 x £202.96 (£4,668.08)
  • Initial payment: £2,435.52
  • Length of lease: 24 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson
Lease from £224 per month
Hyundai Tucson review

The Hyundai Tucson is all about flexibility. You can choose from a conventional petrol engined version, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid, depending on how you drive. Whichever model you choose, the Tucson is a very capable family SUV. Its eye-catching exterior design is matched by a nicely made and upmarket feeling interior, but none of this compromises the fact that the Tucson is spacious, cheap to run and easy to live with, making it a solid choice for a whole range of families.

  • Hyundai Tucson 1.6 T N Line 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 23 x £223.91 (£5,149.93)
  • Initial payment: £2,686.92
  • Length of lease: 24 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Volkswagen T-Roc

VW T-Roc
Lease from £229 per month
Volkswagen T-Roc review

The Volkswagen T-Roc is one of VW's top-selling cars and it's not hard to see why. For starters, it's a very much in-demand family SUV, offering a spacious, practical interior, which - for the most part - is sensibly designed and well built. It's decent to look at, too, thanks to the fact that the T-Roc is pitched at a slightly younger demographic, and is also comfortable to drive with a range of engines that are cheap to run. 

  • Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 TSI EVO R-Line 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 23 x £228.89 (£5,264.47)
  • Initial payment: £2,746.68
  • Length of lease: 24 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Ford Puma

Ford Puma
Lease from £239 per month

The Ford Puma is one the UK's favourite cars, regularly coming out on top of the sales charts. What's the secret to its success? The Puma is based on the now-retired Fiesta, which means that it's sharp to drive for a small SUV and comes with a range of economical engines.

Add in the fact that it features a surprisingly spacious interior and big boot for its size, plus high levels of equipment across the range, and you're starting to understand the breadth of the Puma's appeal.  

  • Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid mHEV Titanium 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 47 x £238.57 (£11,212.79)
  • Initial payment: £2,862.84
  • Length of lease: 48 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 8,000
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Audi A3 Sportback

Audi A3 Sportback
Lease from £250 per month
Audi A3 review

The Audi A3 Sportback shares much of its engines and technology with the VW Golf, Seat Leon and Skoda Octavia. Despite the fact that all of these brands are part of the wider VW Group, the Audi A3 is certainly the poshest feeling of all these models, thanks to glitzy technology like its LED lights on the outside, and interior packed with the latest features. It's an extremely popular premium hatchback as a result.

  • Audi A3 Sportback 30 TFSI Sport 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 23 x £249.56 (£5,739.88)
  • Initial payment: £2,994.72
  • Length of lease: 24 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage
Lease from £253 per month
Kia Sportage review

The Kia Sportage has gone from a family SUV also-ran to one of the very best of its type. Thanks to the design-led overhaul the car received when the latest version arrived in 2022, the Sportage is certainly striking to look at. However, there's plenty of substance under the skin, too, with a strong choice of economical engines, a spacious interior, plus excellent equipment and high-end technology all available. 

  • Kia Sportage 1.6T GDi 157 48V ISG 2 5dr
  • Monthly payment: 47 x £253.03 (£11,892.41)
  • Initial payment: £3,036.36
  • Length of lease: 48 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series
Lease from £269 per month
BMW 1 Series review

The BMW 1 Series is the smallest car to feature a BMW badge, and has challenged the very idea of what a BMW is. That's thanks to the fact that the 1 Series now uses front-wheel drive, rather than sports-car-like rear-wheel drive, which BMW has previously avoided. The upshot is that the 1 Series still drives well, but features much more space inside and has a great quality-feeling interior, too.

  • BMW 118i [136] M Sport 5dr [Live Cockpit Professional]
  • Monthly payment: 47 x £268.92 (£12,639.24)
  • Initial payment: £3,227.04
  • Length of lease: 48 months
  • Annual mileage limit: 5,000
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Should I lease a car rather than buying one?

Leasing - or hiring - a car means that you will be driving a new car that you get to change as frequently as every year, depending on your deal. That means you’ll always be driving a car that meets your needs and available budget, and, as leases are generally only offered on new cars, a vehicle that includes the latest fuel-saving tech to keep running costs down.

Once the deal is over, you’re also free to walk away without having to worry about the car’s depreciation, or finding someone to sell it to either. A finance deal also means your costs are fixed each month, allowing you to better plan your finances. Most deals include things like road tax as standard, and you can usually add maintenance packages for a fixed fee, further helping you to keep control of your monthly spend.

What happens if I exceed the agreed mileage when I return the car?

When you sign your lease agreement, your monthly payments will be influenced by how many miles you plan to drive while you have that particular car. It’s worth putting some serious thought into this to ensure that you have enough flexibility in your lease deal to drive the miles you need to without incurring excess mileage costs.

This figure will be in your lease agreement as a charge per mile, usually around 10p per mile but can be significantly more. It’s worth getting in touch with your lease provider as soon as you realise you’re driving more than you thought to mitigate any extra mileage fee.

Can I leave my car lease deal early?

Cancelling a lease is usually possible. However, while circumstances do change unexpectedly and there’s no other option, cancellation is something you should think long and hard about doing as it’s often expensive.

These deals are not meant to be broken after all. There will usually be some sort of cancellation fee, and you won’t get any money back that you’ve already paid. You are also not permitted to pay off your remaining car lease early, as the lease agreement binds you to making those monthly payments on schedule.

What's the difference between PCH and PCP?

Although not to be confused with Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which uses financing to help you buy a car, PCH works in a similar way. You pay an initial payment, which is often a multiple of the monthly rental cost up to around 35%.

Monthly payments will then be calculated, depending on the size of the deposit and length of the hire agreement. At the end of the lease, you give the car back, simple as that - no balloon payment to consider as with a PCP.

If you want the convenience of driving a new car and have no interest in owning it, then PCH makes sense, as the monthly payments tend to work out cheaper than PCP on a new car. However, if you’re after a little more flexibility and might want to buy outright, then consider the PCP option instead.