Car Finance Deals

Looking for a good car finance deal? Spreading the cost of purchasing a car across a series of monthly payments can make sense whatever the scale of your budget, whether that’s £100 per month or £1000 per month.

Whichever price range you’re looking at, car finance deals are a popular way to widen the choice of cars within your price range far beyond what you'd be able to afford if you were to pay in cash.

This explains why more than 90% of privately purchased new cars are financed in the early 2020s and more and more drivers are choosing to finance used cars. If you're looking for the best value deal, finance options on nearly new and used cars typically offer much better value for money than new car equivalents.

So whether you’re after a small car, a family SUV or a sporty runabout it definitely makes sense to explore car finance options.

PCP finance monthly payments are based around the amount of value a car loses during the length of the finance contract, so cars that lose value slowly are available with low monthly payments compared with the cash price of the car. 

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Cars that have already lost a significant chunk of their initial value might also represent a better deal, because there's less value remaining to be lost and therefore monthly payments will be lower.

That’s great news for drivers, because the cars that hold their value well are typically the most popular and in demand too. In other words, financing a popular car could get you the car you want for a lower monthly payment than you might expect.

To be fair, there aren’t too many awful cars around these days, but there are plenty of in-demand ones. To save you the headache of working out which cars hold their value well and to give you a flavour of what you could be driving, we’ve picked out the best finance deals across a range of budgets from £100 to £1000 per month.

If you’re looking to finance your next car, therefore, read on to explore the options and see just how much car you could get, whatever your monthly budget - covering everything from super-affordable city cars to super-sleek supercars