How BuyaCar works

Find the perfect car from the comfort of your home. Delivered to your door with a 14 day money-back guarantee

Jan 30, 2020

Finding your perfect set of wheels couldn’t be simpler: see the cars that suit you in a few quick clicks with our effortless search tools, then compare prices at a glance. 

You can pay in full or apply for low-rate finance in under five minutes; and sit back while we deliver your car to your door. It takes between five and ten business days from confirming your order to receiving your car.

There’s no pushy car dealer and no trudging round showrooms, just five-star Trustpilot-rated customer service; extensive checks and a 14 day returns guarantee, which includes a mileage limit.

1. Choose your car

Search from 49375 nearly new & used cars or order a new model.

2. Apply for finance

Pay a deposit to secure your car and then apply for low-rate finance.

3. Delivery day

Your car is delivered to your door with a 14 day returns guarantee.

After you reserve your car: what to expect

  • We'll contact the supplying dealer to ensure that the car is still available and ready for delivery.
  • Apply for finance, if needed, in a quick online process. Once approved, you'll need to sign documents. We'll normally need a driving licence and proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement. 
  • Confirm your purchase and sign the order form: you're now five to ten working days from getting your car.
  • We'll give you a call with a selection of delivery dates so you can pick a convenient time.
  • Your car arrives - without a salesperson in sight. 

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