Dealer Sales

Gain incremental sales nationwide on new and used cars with BuyaCar

BuyaCar is a new route to market for car dealerships, providing a nationwide marketing platform for your stock feed, which is listed at no cost to you.

Our unique product expands your customer reach across the country without any additional effort for you - cars we sell are delivered to customers who are, on average, 168 miles away from the dealership. This compares with a typical reach of just 25 miles for dealerships themselves. Our online experts manage the distance selling process entirely, leaving you free to focus on your local market.

There's no contract, no haggling and no sales pitch. Just a hassle-free process that will boost your sales, while customers benefit from a 14-day return period, with BuyaCar managing any returns (providing the car sold met the required standard upon delivery).

  • Market to 6m+ Auto Express and Carbuyer visitors

  • Rapidly growing sales, with 24,000 cars already sold completely online

  • Free to list your cars

  • Distance selling without the worry

  • Incremental sales with a huge national audience

  • High CAP retail value - BuyaCar does not negotiate on price with the customer

BuyaCar has more than 24,000 happy customers to date. As part of Dennis Publishing, we are owned by the same company as Auto Express magazine and, making us a brand that you and our customers can trust. Dennis Automotive provides significant exposure to the UK's leading motoring media brands, receiving 8.4 million monthly online visitors, a social media reach of 13.9 million with 2.8 million print titles sold every year - all across nine automotive brands. 

We produce articles on the topics car buyers are searching for, helping drivers to choose which car is best for them, explaining their finance options and directing them to our listings of more than 50,000 cars. This content received record page views in 2020 and we are also directing a record number of potential buyers to the BuyaCar search tool, where your cars could be listed.

In addition, we also work alongside Auto Express and to promote BuyaCar content on the websites and in daily newsletters, broadening the reach of this content to an even wider pool of potential customers. Furthermore, thanks to this nationwide audience on in-market car buyers, BuyaCar typically sells cars four days faster than dealers can themselves on its marketplace.

BuyaCar is a low admin channel, only contacting dealers when customers are ready to purchase. This means that the dealership only deals with one point of contact and not the customers themselves. Due to BuyaCar's fixed purchase process, the administration demands for a dealership are very low. Keeping things simple, BuyaCar only charges a dealership when a car is actually sold, so the dealer doesn't have to worry about the quality of leads or pay for leads that don't go on to purchase, minimising the level of risk.

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Used car sales

Sales not leads

Sell used cars at the price you set. We deliver and handle customer satisfaction, leaving you with a pure incremental sale.

Distance selling without the worry
Incremental sales nationwide
Free to list your cars
Access to 6m+ in-market car buyers on Auto Express and Carbuyer
Sell 24/7 fully online by providing a stock feed


We work with a number of main agencies that can provide a stock feed, such as;

0800 050 2333