Skoda Enyaq: range, performance and dimensions

The first standalone all-electric Skoda has arrived - a medium size SUV - and goes on sale in 2021, offering a range of up to 311 miles

Christofer Lloyd
Jul 31, 2020

All-electric cars and off-roaders are hugely popular as we start the 2020s, but both categories of car are normally pretty pricey - all the more so in the case of plug-in SUVs. Thankfully, Skoda - a brand which has made a name for itself by selling cut-price versions of Volkswagen models (since VW owns Skoda) - has announced a new medium SUV that could help to address that.

The Enyaq - the first Skoda solely designed to be electric - offers the prospect of up to 311 miles per charge with plenty of space for families. Unlike a number of older electric cars, this figure has come from the latest and more realistic economy test, meaning that nearing 300 miles per charge on typical roads should be a realistic prospect for many Enyaq drivers.

Aside from that long range, Skoda is promising fast charging times and versions that cater for different types of drivers - one with a particularly long range, another for familes and yet another for those after a sportier feel. So, whether you're after a comfy SUV or want a speedy electric car, the Enyaq could fit the bill.

Prices are yet to be announced, but you can expect all versions of the Enyaq to be more affordable than the current raft of electric SUVs from the likes of Audi and Mercedes. However, we'd expect theย Kia e-Niro - from another value-focused brand - to be more affordable still, offering stiff competition albeit it is a smaller SUV at a lower price point. Production of the Enyaq starts in late 2020, with the first models set to go on sale in 2021.

2021 Skoda Enyaq model range

All in all, Enyaq customers will be able to choose from models with three battery sizes and five power options - plus a fast-charging option for reduced top-up times. Buyers will also be able to choose between two- and four-wheel drive versions, too.

Unusually for a modern car, the two-wheel drive variants will power their rear wheels - something of a trademark for BMWs and traditional sports cars - which could help to give them a sportier feel.

The reason for this is that rear wheel drive cars offer greater traction when accelerating, meaning that wheelspin is less likely and unlike with front-wheel drive cars, if the wheels do spin, this will never cause the steering wheel to tug in your hands.

One downside of rear-wheel drive is that grip can be more limited when driving in snow, though being able to drive safely in snow is even more affected by the type of tyres you have fitted. Fitting winter tyres to a car can make much more of a difference to grip levels in cold, snowy or icy conditions than which wheels are powered.

Versions for families, the highest possible range and sportier feelย 

Skoda has created an entry-level two-wheel drive model for families, which it promises to offer the greatest space and functionality for the lowest cost, a variant that prioritises providing the longest possible range per charge - which is likely to feature smaller wheels and reduced standard equipment to maximise efficiency. Furthermore, there will be a performance-oriented version that offers maximum acceleration - potentially thanks to additional power.

Meanwhile, at the top of the range at launch will be a 'Founder's Edition' model - offering a distinct look and 'special features', limited to 1,895 units to commemorate the year Skoda was founded. Choose the most powerful Enyaq - which is set to feature a front motor powering the front wheels along with the standard rear motor powering the rear wheels - and you'll be able to tow 1,200kg. This isn't bad for an electric car, but is pretty low compared with similarly sized petrol and diesel tow cars.

2021 Skoda Enyaq performance, range and charging times

The entry-level Enyaq, the iV 50, will feature a 55kWh battery pack - sufficient to provide a claimed range of up to 211 miles, with the rear-mounted electric motor producing 146hp. This should make it a realistic main car for many drivers, though pay a bit more and you'll be able to get a larger battery.

Go for the Enyaq iV 60 and you'll get 177hp and be able to travel up to 242 miles per charge, thanks to a 62kWh battery pack. The most efficient model, meanwhile, is the 201hp iV 80, which powers only the rear wheels rather than all four to maximise efficiency, helping it to offer a range of up to 311 miles.

The iV 80's 82kWh battery pack is shared with two four-wheel drive versions - which both include a front electric motor to power the front wheels, making them all-wheel drive - the 80X and the performance-centric vRS. Both can travel up to 286 miles per charge, with the 80X producing 261hp and the vRS 302hp.

Thanks to that power, the vRS will be the fastest Enyaq, able to accelerate from a standstill to 62mph in 6.2 seconds, topping out at 112mph. This might seem like a low top speed for such a speedy car and is likely to be electronically limited to maximise the car's range as travelling at high speeds depletes the battery far quicker than covering the same distance at lower speeds.

Fast charging available: 80% charge to take 40 minutes

Enyaq drivers will have three ways to charge their cars; plugging into an ordinary 230V household plug socket - offering slower charge speeds but being suitable for overnight charging - using a wall box offering up to 11kW, which means six to eight hours to charge, depending upon the battery capacity of the specific Enyaq, and 'DC fast charging'.

The Enyaq is compatible with DC fast chargers with an output of 125kW, which allow the car to be charged from 10% to 80% in 40 minutes. Due to battery chemistry filling up from less than 10% or to more than 80% adds significant extra time.

2021 Skoda Enyaq interior and in-car tech

Skoda claims that the Enyaq will offer plenty of interior space to growing families, plus slick in-car tech. This includes a 13-inch, free-standing central display that shows most of the car's information, plus the option of a head-up display, which beams driving information onto the windscreen along with augmented reality features to simplify the data shown.

Meanwhile, a permanent internet connection keeps in-car information up-to-date and drivers can choose to deck out the cabin with sustainable materials such as olive leather for the first time in a car.

2021 Skoda Enyaq dimensions

Skoda describes the Enyaq as offering a relaxed 'lounge-like character' thanks to the feeling of space, plus a reasonably large 585-litre boot. This is slightly smaller than that of the Volkswagen Golf Estate, for instance, but still a good size for a family car.

The car itself measures in at 4,648mm long, 1,877mm wide and 1,618mm tall. It has a wheelbase - the distance between front and rear wheels - of 2,765mm. What this means is that the Enyaq is the size of a reasonably large family car, though much smaller than large SUVs.


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