2020 MG 5 EV: range, performance, price and specification

Want an affordable all-electric family car with a decent range and a big boot? Check out the new - surprisingly affordable - MG 5 EV estate

James Allen
Oct 28, 2020

While there are more electric cars on sale than ever before, many of these are very similar - for the most part, they’re either superminis or big SUVs. A little bit more variety is on the way, though, as the new MG 5 electric estate car goes on sale in late 2020.

While it admittedly doesn’t have any direct rivals at the time of writing, the MG 5 nevertheless does a good job when it comes to practicality. There’s 578 litres of luggage space on offer with the rear seats in place (or 1,456 litres with them folded down), which puts the MG on par with other similarly-sized family estate cars that have petrol or diesel engines.

MG says there’s more to the 5 EV (electric vehicle) than just its big boot. The claimed range of 214 miles is fairly decent given its size and, with prices starting at £24,495 once the government plug-in car grant (PICG) is applied, it’s also fairly affordable for an electric family car.

Standard equipment’s pretty good, too: all MG 5 EVs come as standard with a reversing camera, cruise control, a digital radio and a touchscreen media system that you can connect your smartphone to.

It won’t be much longer until the MG 5 EV starts roaming UK roads, too. It went on sale in October 2020, with the first deliveries due to begin before the end of 2020. The 5 EV may offer low prices new, but expect many super-affordable used versions to go up for sale in the coming months. If you're on a budget, but are after the newest, most practical electric car, this is likely to be a wise option.

Quick facts

  • Claimed 214 miles of range
  • Up to 80% rapid charge in 50 minutes
  • Electric motor produces 156hp and 260 Nm
  • Up to 1,456 litres of luggage space
  • Prices start at £24,495
  • On sale from October 2020

2020 MG 5 EV range and charging times

Thanks to the decent-sized 52.2kWh battery pack underneath its boxy bodywork, the MG 5 has a claimed range that’s around average for this size of electric car. MG claims it can go up to 214 miles on a single charge, which slots the 5 EV between similarly-sized electric cars with smaller batteries like the Hyundai Ioniq Electric (183 miles) and ones with bigger battery packs such as the Kia Soul EV (280 miles).

Depending on the power of the charging point, the MG 5 can also have its batteries topped up in a decent amount of time by electric car standards. Plug the car into a 50kW rapid charging point, and MG says you’ll be able to replenish up to 80% of the battery pack’s charge (the equivalent of around 171 miles of range) in 50 minutes. In comparison, a 7kW public charging point or domestic wall box will be able to provide a full charge in roughly 8.5 hours.

2020 MG 5 EV power and performance

While it’s no sports estate car, the MG 5 does have more than enough power for most drivers’ day-to-day needs. The electric motor that drives the front wheels produces 156hp and 260Nm, which MG says is enough for a 0-60mph time of around 8.0 seconds - putting the 5 on par performance-wise with similarly-powered versions of petrol and diesel family hatchbacks like the Seat Leon and Volkswagen Golf.

The MG 5 also comes with three driving modes that can alter the way the car drives: Eco, Normal and Sport. If you tend to drive a fair bit in towns and cities with lots of stop/start traffic, it may be best to spend more of your time driving in Eco mode, as this setting can increase the amount of regenerated energy used to recharge the car’s batteries under braking - which in turn helps to extend the car’s range a bit before it needs to be plugged into a charging point.

2020 MG 5 EV dimensions and practicality

Being an estate car, the new MG 5 EV has a pretty good amount of luggage space on offer. The boot capacity of 578 litres with the rear seats up on par with similarly-sized conventionally-powered cars such as the Ford Focus Estate and the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports, and can be extended to 1,456 litres once you fold the rear seats down.

As the MG 5 EV is the only electric estate car on sale in the UK at the time of writing, it also has far more space than other electric cars in this size and price range. The car that comes closest is the Kia e-Niro electric SUV, which has 451 litres and 1,405 litres with the rear seats up and down respectively.

MG claims its new electric estate car also has a decent amount of space inside for people, too, stating that there are 'ample' amounts of head room and a good amount of leg room for rear seat passengers. As a result, there should be enough space in the back for taller passengers to get comfy on longer car journeys.

2020 MG 5 EV specifications and in-car tech

MG5 buyers will have two trims to choose from: the base-spec Excite spec, and the range-topping Exclusive grade. Regardless of which trim is picked, all MG 5 owners will have a decent amount of kit at their disposal - including a reversing camera, rear parking sensors, cruise control, a digital radio plus Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone connectivity available through a touchscreen media system.

The Exclusive spec isn’t night-and-day different to the Excite trim, though it does add a few extra features to the car’s equipment list. You’ll need to go for the Exclusive model if you want an MG 5 EV with heated front seats, for instance, as well as other pieces of kit such as keyless entry, built-in sat-nav and automatic windscreen wipers.

2020 MG 5 EV prices and release date

The MG5 first went on sale in October 2020, with prices starting at £24,495 for entry-level Excite models and £26,995 for drivers who decided to go for the higher-grade Exclusive spec. Both prices above have already had the government’s £3,000 plug-in car grant (PICG) applied.

These are pretty low prices for an electric car of this size and specification, so expect the 5 EV to become an electric car used bargain over the coming months and years as older versions become available second-hand.


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