What is a 5-door car?

You're in the market for a new car, and you want something practical. But what is a 5-door car?

Simon Ostler
Sep 20, 2021

Ever wondered how a car could have five doors? You would think that most cars you look only have four doors with two on each side, but in the case of hatchbacks, the boot opening is also considered to be a door because you can technically use it to gain access to the car.

The five-door car configuration is by far the most popular in Britain; mainly because most of the cars on sale are five-door models, with hatchbacks, estate cars and SUVs all following the same recipe. Five-door cars are generally the most practical you can buy. They feature a wider boot opening than four-door saloons, with foldable rear seats for expanding the boot space. They also offer much better access to the rear seats than three-door alternatives.

Five-door cars have become extremely popular in more recent times, so much so that three-door hatchbacks are gradually being phased out by some manufacturers - you can't buy a brand new Vauxhall Corsa or VW Polo with three doors anymore, but there are still plenty of used three-door models to be found here on BuyaCar.

In terms of five-door options, there are thousands of models available on BuyaCar, including smaller cars like the VW Up and Hyundai i10, and a huge selection of larger hatchbacks and SUVs. Some of the largest cars on sale such as the Audi Q7 can be categorised as five-door cars.

Why choose a 5-door car?

Five-door cars have become the standard mode of transport in the 21st Century. They're by far the most popular choice in terms of practicality for families, thanks mostly to the extremely accessible and variable boot space, not to mention the rise of SUVs which also mostly incorporate the five-door format.

The addition of two extra doors for the rear seats is also a no-brainer for anyone who plans to make regular use of the back seats. It makes life much easier when strapping in young children, while taller adults will also appreciate a more dignified entrance into the back of a five-door car than they might have in a cramped three-door.

But for drivers looking for a more exciting and sporty driving experience, there are plenty of fast, noisy and powerful hot hatchbacks on sale that will be more than enough to fill your thrill seeking boots. The likes of the Ford Fiesta ST are some of the most enjoyable cars to drive.

Used 5-door cars

If you’re in the market for a five-door car, you certainly won't be stuck for choice. There are nearly endless options in a variety of body styles. There are compact superminis, practical family hatchbacks, high-riding SUVs, and even spacious people carriers. Which type of car best suits you depends on how many seats you need, and what kind of experience you're looking for from behind the wheel. It's likely that your needs will be catered for in this very broad range of cars.

There are currently 60188 five-door cars available on BuyaCar, with prices starting from £4,500 or  per month, check out some of our favourite choices below.


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