Best double-cab and crew cab pick-up trucks

With huge loadspace, off-road ability and luxury options, the best pick-ups are surprisingly good family cars - with tax benefits

Leon Poultney
May 10, 2022

There was a time when the thought of using a big, basic, unwieldy and fuel-guzzling pick-up truck as a family car was preposterous, but customers that don't work on a farm or building site have begun to use pick-ups in the American way - as lifestyle vehicles.

Large loading areas are used to carry motorbikes, boating equipment and other bulky goods around with ease, while powerful engines and four-wheel drive make them suited to towing heavy trailers and caravans.

As a result - and partly thanks to the favourable company car tax benefits that come with four-door, double-cab pick-ups - manufacturers have begun adding car-like comforts, such as touchscreens, heated seats and leather interiors. With a row of rear seats (complete with Isofix mountings) and large door bins for storing drinks and snacks, you could feasibly use a pick-up as a family car.

Opting for a double-cab pick-up does mean that the rear load area is smaller than a standard two-door pick-up, but it remains a great deal larger than any standard car boot. Scroll down for the best double-cab pick-ups on the market now.

Best pick-ups

1. Volkswagen Amarok

Used deals from £18,308
Length 5,254mm
Load length 1,555mm
Maximum payload 1,126kg

Sadly, the Volkswagen Amarok has been off sale for several years, but this family-orientated double-cab pick-up is still readily available on the used market. It's powered by a hugely capable 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that's designed to spend more time cruising along motorways than hauling bricks across a building site.

Although the rival Mercedes X-Class is more classy, the Amarok comes top of this list because it drives extremely well, with a generally smooth ride and less bouncing over bumps and dips than most rival options. It's still capable off-road, though, and it represents slightly better value for money.

Inside, there's plenty of room for five occupants and access via the four large doors is relatively simple, even if it does require a bit of a step up. There is also scope to specify a roll cover or hardtop for the bed area, should you wish to use it as a more conventional boot space.

A new model is on its way in 2022 or 2023, and will share many of its parts with the new Ford Ranger that is due around the same time.


2. Mercedes X-Class

Used deals from £22,999
Length 5,340mm
Load length 1,587mm
Maximum payload 1,092kg

This list wouldn't be complete without a mention of the Mercedes X-Class, as it is arguably the first pick-up truck to target this new comfortable and family-friendly philosophy. Clamber into the interior and gawp at the typically flashy switchgear, the oversized media display and the incredible fit and finish of the dashboard.

Seats can be festooned with leather, floor mats are fashioned from deep-pile carpet material and onboard technology includes a digital radio, a reversing camera, live traffic information and the ability to stay connected to the vehicle via a dedicated smartphone app.

Mercedes also claims that this was the most customisable pick-up interior on the market when it was available new, with the widest choice of interior trim options and accessories, while the driving experience has been tuned for comfort. It's a tough call between the Amarok and this but based on value and power, the Volkswagen just about pips it.


3. Fiat Fullback

Used deals from £15,100
Length 5,285mm
Load length 1,520mm
Maximum payload 1,045kg

Although this is a Mitsubishi L200 underneath the fancy clothing, the Fiat is more focused on the consumer market, so it's only available in a double-cab body style and with a 2.5-litre engine in a choice of two power outputs.

The more powerful 180hp version is quieter at speed, and worth the premium if you are going to be racking up the miles. The car's standard specification includes a good-sized media display, alloy wheels, climate control and cruise control.


4. Nissan Navara

Used deals from £15,958
Length 5,300mm
Load length 1,758mm
Maximum payload 1,074kg

The Nissan Navara range recieved a big overhaul in 2016, ditching the archaic suspension and introducing a modern system that ensures it rides better and more comfortably on the road, without diminishing off-road capability.

The current Navara has also been transformed inside, where it now more closely resembles a Nissan Qashqai than a truck. Higher-specification models include a seven-inch touchscreen with digital radio and reversing camera; all Navara models have Bluetooth, comfy seats and plenty of room for a family in the double-cab variants.


5. Ford Ranger

Used deals from £16,500
Length 5,362mm
Load length 2,317mm
Maximum payload 1,296kg

What was once a mightily powerful workhorse for those used to lugging cement mixers around is now a more rounded lifestyle offering thanks to the introduction of Ford's excellent 'Sync 3' touchscreen media system and improved interior and exterior styling.

Many of the cabin's materials are now soft to the touch and finished with a greater eye for detail, while the technology on-board includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, as well as adaptive cruise control and voice control.

As double cab pick-up trucks go, this is still one of the most aggressive to behold, with an imposing grille, bulging bodywork and a neat range of alloy wheels. However, despite the push towards a more stylish pick-up, some of the old handling habits still come to the fore, as it can become uncomfortably bouncy over rough road surfaces and the engines are a bit noisy.


6. Isuzu D-Max

Used deals from £16,990
Length 5,315mm
Load length 2,305mm
Maximum payload 1,196kg

The D-Max is the most workman-like truck on this list, and can be optioned in single-cab styles too. But the better-appointed double-cab versions, while less sophisticated than others on this list, are good value for money.

Blade variants get leather seats and a touchscreen media system, and become even better value for money when on the used market.

Engine choice is easy - there’s only one. It’s a 1.9-litre diesel unit, with strong mpg levels and low emission figures. It’s far noisier than engines offered by Nissan, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, while the six-speed manual gearbox is vague and cumbersome to use too.


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