Cheap pick-up truck deals

If you’re after a vehicle that can act as a rugged workhorse as well as haul the family around, a pick-up could prove perfect

Chris Rosamond Matt Rigby
Apr 14, 2022

Pick-up trucks are an inherently utilitarian vehicle – whether you’re a builder or need to tow a trailer, a pick-up can be an ideal choice. They also happen to make quite a lot of financial sense, as the self-employed can claim back VAT on their purchase since they’re classed as a commercial vehicle, plus the rates for company car users and vehicle tax are attractive.

As a result, full-size pick-ups – especially the double-cab versions are increasingly being seen as a family-friendly alternative to a regular SUV. Most manufacturers now offer versions with plenty of SUV styling cues, too, including large alloy wheels and chrome styling elements.

Inside, they are often equipped with the sorts of luxuries you’d get on a high-end SUV. Kit such as touchscreens that include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, climate control, leather upholstery and automatic lights and wipers are often standard on many pick-up models.

Choosing the right pick-up truck for you will depend on what you want to use it for. The more utilitarian options include the Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200. At the more upmarket end of the pick-up truck market are the Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes-Benz X-Class, which offer much more comfort and kit, but these models were both discontinued in 2020.

Some of the latest generation pick-ups are so laden with luxury they command price tags well in excess of £40,000, but you don’t need to spend anything like that much to enjoy the benefits of a decent used 4x4 pick-up. Read on if you’re looking for a cheap pick-up truck with great value finance deals and low monthly payments.

Cheap pick-up deals

1. Isuzu D-Max

Our pick Isuzu D-Max 2.5 Td
Used deals from £16,990

We already hinted at the Isuzu D-Max's simplicity, but it’s pretty good value for money, all things considered. While there are a handful of strictly utilitarian single cab versions for sale on BuyaCar you’ll have to pay a little more to get into one of the much more popular double-cab versions (pictured above).

It’s a reliable workhorse that drives well, but the D-Max is less refined than many of its rivals and has a cheap if robust feel to the interior - in contrast to the ‘softer’ appeal of more car-like - and expensive - pick-up trucks.

The D-Max benefitted from a new engine in 2017 which brought better fuel economy, and the ride was improved a little with suspension revisions in 2018, but used prices for these later models haven't risen a great deal, so these are the ones to go for. Trim levels include Yukon, Eiger, Utah and Blade, each offering higher specs than the previous ones.If you want your D-Max with an off-road focus, it’s worth looking up one of the top-spec XTR models.


2. Nissan Navara

Our pick Nissan Navara 2.3 dCi
Used deals from £15,958

The Nissan Navara is available both as a single-cab, and a 'king-cab' which has a pair of small rear-hinged doors allowing passengers onto a cramped rear bench seat. Neither are very practical for self-employed owners with family transport commitments, and the double-cab Navara is vastly more popular as a result.

There are two diesel engine options with 160hp or 190hp, but the latter is only available on higher-spec models. Most variants are four-wheel drive too, and you get an impressive towing capacity of 3,500kg with a braked trailer.

While the Navara is packed with goodies and is a bit more swish than an Isuzu D-Max, it doesn’t quite have the road manners of a Ford Ranger or Volkswagen Amarok - it isn’t as comfortable, refined or classy to ride in as the average family SUV. It’s a likeable beast for all that, in part due to the carry-over of controls and switchgear from the Nissan X-Trail which are mostly very user-friendly.


3. Mitsubishi L200

Our pick Mitsubishi L200 2.4 DI-D
Used deals from £15,358

The Mitsubishi L200 has been something of a trend-setter in the double-cab pick-up sector, with models given names such as Titan, Warrior and Barbarian, fitted with beefy rollover bars and oversized wheels and tyres, and finding a ready source of eager buyers looking for something a bit more prestigious-looking than a tradesman’s van.

The previous model (pictured above) is around in good numbers having been on sale since 2015. You can choose from either a 150hp or 180hp version of the same turbodiesel engine, and both have plenty of pulling power, although they’re outmuscled by the bigger capacity engines in the Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok.

Ride comfort is on a par with the Nissan Navara, but rear seat comfort is compromised in the L200 by a high rear floor which means you sit with your knees up. The entry-level 4Life double-cabs come with Bluetooth, air-conditioning and cruise control, while the range-topping Barbarian has dual-zone climate control and electrically adjusting leather seats.


4. Fiat Fullback

Our pick Fiat Fullback 2.4D
Used deals from £15,100

The Fiat Fullback is a beefy pick-up that looks a lot like the Mitsubishi L200 Mk5 - they shared their chassis engineering and basic body design under the skin, so that's no surprise, and really only differed in specification and kit.

It was only on sale between 2017 and 2019, and in spite of its connection to the Mitsubishi, it never had the same cachet among tradespeople who’ve grown up driving the Japanese original.

Still, that lower level of brand identity in the pick-up sector must surely make the Fullback worth a look for anyone unconcerned about having an upmarket badge, and you might end up finding a better deal with the Fiat.

Low mileage models are available with attractive monthly payments, and in common with rivals you get all the right kit including air-conditioning, digital radio and cruise control on basic models. The LX gets a 6.1-inch touchscreen media system with sat-nav, electrically adjustable heated seats and leather, while the top-spec Cross has a bigger touchscreen and a reversing camera.


5. Toyota Hilux

Our pick Toyota Hilux 2.4 D-4D
Used deals from £16,750

The Hilux pick-up is a legend for toughness, thanks in part to the efforts of the Top Gear team and their attempts to ‘kill’ one on the telly. Money can’t buy that kind of marketing, but in truth most of the pick-up trucks around today offer similar robustness and reliability.

That said, the Hilux has a reputation as more of a workhorse than some, and Toyota hasn’t diluted its credentials much by marketing overly showy versions of its pick-up truck, even though they’re equipped with a similar range of cabin comforts from touchscreen media systems to climate control and reversing cameras. The top-spec Invincible X gets leather heated seats, a sat-nav and all-round parking sensors though, as well as large 18-inch alloys.

All Hilux models are fitted with the same 150hp diesel engine, so it’s often outgunned by more powerful rivals. Performance is adequate though, as is the ride quality and refinement in the cabin, albeit not up to Volkswagen Amarok standards.


6. Ford Ranger

Our pick Ford Ranger 3.2 TDCi
Used deals from £16,500

The Ford Ranger is one of the best pick-up all-rounders around, with a choice of punchy diesel engines, and a wide range of specs and trims from the entry-level XL to the eye-catching Wildtrak with its chunky off-road style. There’s even a Raptor model developed by Ford Performance with sporty looks and more aggressively-tuned and upgraded suspension.

Standard Ranger models come with four-wheel drive and lots of ground clearance for off-road work, in common with most of their rivals. It’s also one of the best to drive on tarmac with relatively smooth suspension, and steering that’s more direct than most full-size pick-ups. It’s not quite as composed and precise as the Volkswagen Amarok around corners, but it’s just as quiet and refined at motorway speeds. While the interior quality doesn’t match the Germans either, it’s not far off and the Ranger’s cabin feels distinctly more classy than the Japanese competition.

If you’re looking for creature comforts the XLT is a good choice. It adds a 4.2-inch touchscreen media system, cruise control, air-conditioning and alloy wheels to the relatively utilitarian XL. Limited trim upgrades you to Ford's slicker 'SYNC 3' media system which has an eight-inch touchscreen plus Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The range-topping Wildtrak has roof rails, 18-inch alloys, sat-nav and a reversing camera.


7. Volkswagen Amarok

Our pick Volkswagen Amarok 3.0 TDI V6
Used deals from £18,308

The VW Amarok shares the crisply conservative styling of its SUV stablemates, and coupled with a suitably Germanic level or interior build quality, this means it manages to present something of a premium image in the pick-up sector. In fact, it feels much higher quality inside than the Mercedes X-Class and yet still feels very much the tough pick-up truck.

The model arrived with a range of 2.0-litre TDI engines which were replaced in 2017 by a fantastically powerful new 3.0-litre V6 variant.

Sadly, and despite its popularity in the UK, the Amarok was discontinued by VW in 2020 as the manufacturer focused its manufacturing attention on electric vehicles. There is, however, a new V6 diesel-powered version on its way in 2022/23 which shares many of its mechanical parts with the new Ford Ranger.


8. SsangYong Musso

Our pick SsangYong Musso 2.2D
Used deals Limited stock

Drivers looking for a cheap pick-up may be considering SsangYong's Musso. The Korean carmaker has been focusing its attention on SUVs and 4x4s for many years, and the Musso is one such example.

The latest version can tow 3,500kg and carry a 1,000kg payload at the same time, which is something that very few rivals can match. Go for a high-spec version of the latest trim and you can get cooled seats in the front, heated seats all-round and a large touchscreen media system. 


*Representative PCP finance - Ford Fiesta:

48 monthly payments of £192
Deposit: £0
Mileage limit: 8,000 per year
Optional final payment to buy car: £2,923
Total amount payable to buy car: £11,926
Total cost of credit: £2,426
Amount borrowed: £9,500
APR: 9.9%

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