Volvo XC60 Review

Class-leading safety and a comfy interior combined with Swedish cool design, make the Volvo XC60 a top choice

Strengths & weaknesses

  • Bold Scandinavian design
  • Cutting-edge driver assistance systems
  • Excellent safety rating
  • Expensive
  • Unsettled without expensive air suspension
  • Distracting touchscreen media system
Volvo XC60 prices from £12,295.
Finance from £336.91 / month.

Volvo XC60 prices from £12,295   Finance from £336.91 per month

When there's a car that combines Volvo's stellar safety reputation with Swedish style, a family-focused interior and a high-tech, minimalist dashboard, then why would you opt for anything else?

That's why you'll see convoys of Volvo XC60s during the school run, whose owners have dismissed the strong alternatives, which include the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Range Rover Velar.

Inside, every XC60 is clad in leather and aluminum, but it's the minimalistic interior that gives the car its sense of luxury and calm. At the cente of the dashboard, a large touchscreen controls the high-tech optional extras, including the partially autonomous pilot assist, which can steer you automatically around motorway bends.

It also features some of the most comfortable seats around, and was the safest car that the independent Euro NCAP organisation crash-tested in 2017.

Also in the XC60’s favour is a simple but effective engine range for buyers to choose from, which includes a petrol-electric hybrid option that offers hot hatch-like performance along with unbelievable official fuel economy figures - only really possible if you make sure to charge up the batteries religiously - plus a pair of more traditional diesels and a petrol variant.

The driving dynamics might not perhaps match the X3 or Jaguar F-Pace, but it handles well enough for the vast majority of SUV buyers, with stable and consistent steering, and good control of body roll. The ride quality can also be on the firm side - despite all versions coming with drive modes that include a Comfort option - especially in sportier R-Design versions. However, there is an optional air suspension system that makes the XC60 a lot more amenable to British road surfaces, which we would recommend paying a little extra for.

The nine-inch touchscreen media system in the centre console controls virtually everything, from a media and connectivity perspective, eliminating the need for a load of buttons on the dashboard. So the climate control can be controlled with just a few taps, as can the sat-nav, the mobile phone connection (Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included), DAB radio and a range of cloud-based apps, including Spotify, which does away with the need for the smartphone. In addition, there’s a wi-fi hotspot onboard, for passengers using up to six devices, and voice control.

For a company obsessed with safety, however, forcing the driver to prod the touchscreen constantly seems odd, proving very distracting and taking the driver's attention from the road even for simple tasks such as changing the cabin temperature. Simple physical rotary controls would be much quicker and safer to use while driving.

Versions with 'Pro' packages also have access to Volvo On Call, a service that enables owners to control some of the car’s functions remotely using a smartphone (or smartwatch) and can automatically contact the emergency services in the event of a crash.

Plus, the XC60 has Volvo’s full complement of safety equipment, including City Safety, its autonomous emergency braking system and the option of Pilot Assist, a semi-autonomous drive function that can keep the car a fixed distance from the car in front, at a fixed speed and within the lines of the lane. It's a hugely helpful feature when driving on motorways, but handing a large part of the car’s control over to this new technology does take a little getting used to.

Style, technology, comfort and safety – plus the eco credentials of the T8, provided you regularly charge the batteries – combine to make the XC60 an attractive proposition for buyers. It's also a combination that should ensure the success of the previous generation continues, with midsize SUV owners beating a steady path to dealerships.

Key facts

Warranty 3 years / 60,000 miles
Boot size 613/1,410-litres (seats down) T8: 598/1,395-litres
Width 1999mm
Length 4688mm
Height 1658mm
Tax £0-£855 in first year, £135-£145 thereafter. Premium tax of £320 is also payable on all models (apart from Edition and Momentum trim) for five years after the first year.

Best Volvo XC60 for...

Best for Economy – Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine

The plug-in hybrid variant of the XC60 officially returns between 94.2 and 122.8mpg (depending on wheel size and equipment specification) – but you’ll have to run it a lot on electric-only power to get near that.

Best for Families – Volvo XC60 B4

This diesel is fitted with a 48-volt ‘mild hybrid’ system that improves fuel consumption by 15% in real-world driving, making it the most efficient version in the range, apart from the plug-in hybrid T8.

Best for Performance – Volvo XC60 T8 Polestar Engineered

The XC60 has a version of the plug-in hybrid that has been specially tuned by Volvo’s Polestar performance division, so it manages the 0-62mph sprint test in just 5.4 seconds.


  • August 2017 XC60 arrives in UK.
  • April 2018 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid added to XC60 model range.
  • August 2019 Performance-oriented T8 Polestar Engineered car added to range.
  • September 2019 B4 and B5 48-volt mild hybrid cars added to range.

Understanding Volvo XC60 names

Engine D4

The XC60 is available with a wide array of diesel, petrol and petrol/electric engines. The diesels comprise the D4 and D5 PowerPulse, while there are also two units using 48V mild hybrid technology, the B4 and B5. Petrol units are designated T4, T5 and T6, while the plug-in hybrid is called the T8 Twin Engine.

Trim Momentum

There are up to eight trim levels (depending on the age of the car): Edition, Momentum, Momentum Pro, R-Design, R-Design Pro, Inscription, Inscription Pro and Polestar Engineered.

Gearbox Automatic

All XC60 models are fitted with an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Volvo XC60 Engines

Diesel: D4, D5 PowerPulse, B4, B5 Petrol: T4, T5, T6, T8 Twin Engine

There’s quite a wide choice of engines for XC60 buyers to choose from, especially after some upgrades in late 2019. All the engines are 2.0-litre, four-cylinder units and all are mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Starting with the diesels, the D4 produces 190PS, while the D5 PowerPulse is tuned up to 235PS. Early cars had official mpg figures in excess of 50mpg, but these were downgraded under the WLTP testing regime to nearer 40mpg. CO2 emissions are between 129g/km and 144g/km.

These diesel units were fitted with mild hybrid technology in 2019, which means that they have a 48­volt battery, kinetic energy recovery system and an integrated starter generator. This results in lower fuel economy – by up to 15% in real­world driving, according to Volvo – and produces lower levels of harmful NOx emissions.

The T4 petrol unit produces 190PS, while the T5 has a 250PS output and the T6 ramps that up to 310PS. The 0-62mph times range from 7.9 seconds for the T4, to 6.9 seconds for the T5 (6.8 with all-wheel drive) and 5.9 seconds for the T6.

The best on-paper blend of performance and economy is the T8 Twin Engine, which is a plug-in petrol/electric hybrid, producing 303 + 87PS (318 + 87PS in Polestar Engineered form), while fuel economy is 94.2-122.8mpg (88.2mpg) and CO2 emissions are 47-52g/km (56g/km). Of course, if you use the 27.3-33.6 miles of all-electric range on a regular basis, you can get near these figures, but the more you use the petrol engine, the further you’ll be from attaining them.



Fuel economy


Acceleration (0-62mph)

Top speed

























D5 PowerPulse


51.4mpg (NEDC)
















T8 Twin Engine

petrol-electric hybrid


303 + 87hp



T8 Twin Engine Polestar Engineered

Petrol-electric hybrid


318 + 87hp



Volvo XC60 Trims

Edition, Momentum, Momentum Pro, R-Design, R-Design Pro, Inscription, Inscription Pro, Polestar Engineered

All versions of the XC60 are well equipped, with the features of the base Momentum trim level including 18-inch alloy wheels, keyless start, hill start assist, LED headlights, powered tailgate, front and rear park assist, automated emergency braking, 9-inch infotainment display, DAB, Bluetooth, navigation and Volvo’s On Call app for use in an emergency.

Edition cars add the likes of 19-inch alloys, a rear park assist camera, dark tinted windows and smartphone integration (including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay).

Momentum Pro adds heated steering wheel, active headlights, keyless entry, head-up display, handsfree tailgate opening and puddle lights (which light the floor near the front doors).

Additional features on R-Design constitute an array of styling additions, inside and out, to give it a more sporty feel, while the R-Design Pro cars add the same features as the Momentum Pro on top of the R-Design features, but with the addition of 21-inch alloys.

Inscription, like R-Design, adds a number of styling features, but to create a more luxurious effect, rather than a sporty one. Again, Inscription Pro adds the same features as Momentum Pro in addition to the Inscription additions.

Finally, Polestar Engineered, a more performance-oriented car, takes the R-Design Pro specification and adds a Harmon Kardon sound system, specially engineered brakes, engine, gearbox and chassis, plus styling features such as a black mesh grille, black chrome tailpipes and gold seatbelts.

Volvo XC60 Reliability and warranty

The XC60 is well thought of by owners, appearing in 16th place in the 2019 Auto Express Driver Power survey, while Volvo had a decent mid-table showing in 13th place of the list of manufacturers.

The standard Volvo warranty of three years and 60,000 miles isn’t that great, with lower mileage than its rivals in the premium sector of the market.

Used Volvo XC60

With the XC60 having been on sale a couple of years, there are a number of used examples available to buy on BuyaCar, starting from around £26,000, or around £400 a month).

The vast majority are D4 or D5 diesel variants, but most are well-specced, with R-Design Pro and Inscription Pro cars for sale for under £28,500 (or around £415 a month).

Nearly new cars reflect the popularity and high demand for Volvo cars at the moment, as with a couple of thousand miles on them, there are some cars on sale for £3,000 in excess of the new price.

Other Editions

XC60 (2008 – 2017)

The Volvo XC60 is a handsome and comfortable SUV, but it’s expensive as a used car