Volvo V60 (2010-2018) Review

Style and quality make the volvo V60 an upmarket alternative to the BMW or Mercedes estate car norm

Strengths & weaknesses

  • Smart looks inside and out
  • Very comfortable
  • Lots of safety features
  • Less space inside than rivals
  • Some diesel engines a bit noisy
  • Not that much fun to drive
Volvo V60 prices from £11,290.
Finance from £228.65 / month.

Volvo V60 prices from £11,290  Finance from £228.65 per month

If you think Volvo is solely responsible for building big, boxy and – whisper it – slightly dull family estate cars that are safe and spacious but hardly the last word in sexy excitement, then one look at the Volvo V60 might well change your mind.

Its rakish, swoopy lines were designed to evoke sporty coupes rather than utilitarian vans, so the emphasis here would appear to be on style rather than substance. And when it was launched in 2010, Volvo intended the V60 as an alternative to upmarket small German estate cars like the BMW 3 Series Touring, Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate and Audi A4 Avant.

Its boot isn’t as spacious as the all-new V60 that replaced it in 2018 (or even its German rivals), but if you don’t need every cubic centimetre of space in your boot then the V60 offers a stylish-looking, reasonably luxurious alternative to mainstream upmarket small estates.

Those German rivals will tend to be a little more exciting to drive than the V60, though. Despite its sporty looks, the Volvo V60 isn’t the most sporty-feeling car on a twisty road. It is quiet and comfortable, though, and feels safe and predictable on even the most uneven roads.

The design inside isn’t quite as tastefully minimalist as you’ll get in the most recent Volvo models, but it’s still a thoughtfully laid out and good-looking interior, with many systems on the dashboard controlled by just two main dials. The front seats are extremely comfortable, too, but taller passengers might find headroom and legroom both a little restrictive.

Volvos are also famous for their safety features, and the V60 doesn’t disappoint here, offering such safety tricks as pedestrian detection radar, automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist and a blind-spot warning system. That’s all optional equipment, but standard safety features include stability control, traction control and brake lights that illuminate the rear foglights in addition when you have to brake extra hard. As you might expect, there’s also an exceptional score in the Euro NCAP safety test.

Given that this version of the V60 was on sale for eight years, it was fitted with quite a range of engines during its production run, with everything from fuel-sipping diesels to hybrid models to firebreathing 367hp Polestar performance versions. The mid-range diesels were most common – and these models received a major upgrade in 2014.

The V60 is neither the most practical nor the most exciting car, but it is sensible, solid and attractive. If you want a smart small estate that’s slight left-field of the mainstream, it’s a fine choice.


Best Volvo V60 for...

Best for Economy – Volvo V60 D2 SE

Although the diesel-electric plug-in hybrid is technically the most economical V60, it is rare, expensive and the batteries eat into the already tight boot space. The D2 on the other hand is plentiful, cheap and can return up to 72.4mpg.

Best for Families – Volvo V60 D4 SE Lux

The D4 model balances enough performance to keep the driver amused (and to haul a full car and luggage along with ease) without sacrificing economy; you should get 60mpg-plus out of one.

Best for Performance – Volvo V60 Polestar

Originally a racing team running Volvos, Polestar has become the tuning arm of Volvo. In the V60, it created a punchy estate with serious performance Early versions got a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with 350hp. This was later swapped for a four-cylinder engine with 367hp.

One to Avoid – Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine

The diesel-electric plug-in hybrid is and unusual car and quick for a hybrid, but batteries eat into boot space and it wont go all that far on electric power alone.


July 2010: All-new Volvo V60 revealed
Autumn 2010: V60 goes on sale
November 2010: New T3 and T4 petrol engines introduced
Summer 2011: Start/stop technology introduced on auto models
Spring 2013: Redesigned interior and exterior design tweaks
Autumn 2013: New D4 and T6 engines
November 2013: Polestar performance version introduced
Spring 2015: New engines for D2 and D3 models
Spring 2016: New engine and more power for Polestar model

Understanding Volvo V60 names

Engine D4

Volvo V60s were available with a range of petrol and diesel engines. The petrol options are badged with a ‘T’ (T2,T3,T4,T6) while the diesel engine get a ‘D’ followed by a number. The higher the number, the more powerful the engine. The Exceptions to this are the hybrid models, which was initially badged ‘D6 Plug-in Hybrid, then rebranded to ‘D6 Twin Engine’. A D5 version of the Twin Engine hybrid was also offered.

Trim SE Lux

The trims for the V60 Are Business EDition (aimed originally at company car drivers, a mid-range SE and a sport R-Design trim. SE and R-Design get a sub-variant called Lux which denotes higher-specification models.

Volvo V60 Engines

Diesel D2, D3, D4, D5, D6 Twin Engine
Petrol T4, T6

Although the Volvo V60 has been offered with a wide range of engines throughout its life, but in its last two years on sale it was only available with a choice of three diesel options and one petrol option.

Flying the flag for the petrol models is the T4, which offers a healthy 190hp – enough for 0-60mph in 7.3 seconds – and a respectable 48.7mpg.

The diesel range starts in the form of the 120hp D2. This can get you more than 70mpg depending on spec, but is hardly rapid. Next up is the 150hp D3, which sacrifices a little fuel economy for more flexible performance. At the top of the diesel pile is the 190hp D4, which combines thoroughly respectable performance with decent economy.

Well, strictly speaking there a couple of other diesel options – the D5 and D6 Twin Engines. But these are expensive and lose quite a lot of boot space to accommodate the batteries.

2.0 T4






2.0 D2






2.0 D3






2.0 D4






2.4 D5

Diesel hybrid





2.4 D6

Diesel hybrid





2.0 T6






Volvo V60 Trims

Business Edition, SE, R-Design

With the Volvo V60, the Business Edition is the entry-level trim, but still comes with Bluetooth, Digital radio, sat-nav, climate control and cruise control. The Lux version gets larger alloy wheels, reversing camera and some smart gloss black interior trim.

SE models come with 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic folding door mirrors and rain-sensing wipers. Upgrade to the SE Lux, and you’ll get xenon headlights, an electrically adjustable driver’s seats and keyless entry.

R-Design models bring a sportier look, with 18-inch alloy wheels, chromed exhaust tips and matt silver door mirrors. Inside the silver highlights continue with aluminium trim inserts and body-hugging sports seats. R-Design Lux add similar extra touches to those you’ll find on an SE Lux.

Volvo V60 Reliability and warranty

Volvo offers three years or 60,000 miles of cover on the V60, which is fairly standard for this type of car, and can be transferred from owner to owner, so you will get the balance of any warranty remaining if you buy a car of the right age and mileage.

The V60 managed 63rd place in the 2016 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey, which was up 23 places from the previous year. That’s respectable for an older design – if not amazing. But reliability seems less impressive: it came 127th for reliability as part of the same survey.

Used Volvo V60

There are currently 24 Volvo V60s available on BuyaCar, with prices ranging from £11,290 to £35,490 for nearly-new models. Monthly finance payments start from £228.65 per month.

As the Volvo V60 was popular among company car buyers, there are plenty to choose from that are around two or three years old. These cars may have had a relatively high mileage but, if they were commuting miles, could have been relatively easy on the car. Even so, it is worth seeking out an approved used example with an extended warranty.

Other Editions

V60 (2018)

A well-packaged, stylish, practical and safe estate car, the V60 offers almost everything that buyers might want from a family car.

V60 Cross Country (2019)

Off-road ability without a boxy design: the Volvo V60 Cross Country has space, style and strength