Best used cars with reversing cameras

Looking for a car that's easy to park? These great options with put those parking worries to the back of your mind

Chris Rosamond
Mar 26, 2020

There are all sorts of reasons for choosing a car. Styling, practicality and equipment levels all play their part in many drivers’ decision-making process. Some seek out driving thrills, while others may be looking for a car with the best fuel economy figures.

However, if you're looking to make the process of parking your car much less of a challenge, one feature that’s becoming easier and easier to find is a reversing camera. These clever systems allow you to see exactly what's behind you by beaming an image from the back of your car onto your dashboard display or rear-view mirror.

A step up from the intrusive beeping of parking sensors that warn you about how close you are to bumping into things while parking, a reversing camera makes life even easier - especially those who are less confident at negotiating tight car parking spaces - by showing exactly what’s behind you. 

Systems on offer vary from basic setups with screens built into the rear view mirror, to multi-camera systems that give you a 360-degree view of what’s around your car on a full-size display in the middle of the dashboard. Whichever you're after, we've got a great selection of options for you right here on BuyaCar.

Best used cars with reversing cameras

1. Citroen C1

Best city car with a reversing camera

Our pick Citroen C1 Flair
Used deals from £4,950
Monthly finance from £100

One of the main reasons for buying a city car is that it should be a doddle to park, but that doesn’t stop some manufacturers making life even easier with the option of a reversing camera.

The Citroen C1 is one such model that offers the ultimate in parking convenience. But you aren't just getting a reversing camera. This little city car – and its sister models the Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo – are stylish and funky urban runabouts that are cheap to run, and pretty well kitted out too.

Since the C1’s a cheap car, you’ll need to go for a higher specification version to bag the reversing camera, so skip the entry-level C1 Touch and the second-in-line C1 Feel. Choose the eye-catching Flair model and you’ll also get a haul of goodies including 15-inch alloy wheels, electric mirrors, tinted windows, a rev counter and a leather steering wheel.


2. Kia Ceed

Best small hatchback with a reversing camera

Our pick Kia Ceed 2
Used deals from £5,995
Monthly finance from £120

The Kia Ceed may not be luxurious, but we reckon that most people who sit in the latest version of this Volkswagen Golf rival would be hard-pressed to find anything lacking compared with the German car - the UK’s second bestselling car. The Ceed looks good and feels decent, too.

Up against the VW Golf, Ford Focus and Seat Leon, the Ceed falls behind when it comes to build quality, driving experience and practicality, but there’s also one area it’s miles ahead – and that’s value for money.

That’s because Kia lavishes goodies on even the entry model Ceed ‘2’, which comes as standard with a seven-inch colour touchscreen media system that includes the sought-after reversing camera option. Or if you want to push the boat out further, the range-topping Ceed GT gets a more advanced system with onscreen lines to help you smoothly direct the car into a space.


3. Skoda Superb Estate

Best estate car with a reversing camera

Our pick Skoda Superb Laurin & Klement
Used deals from £10,499
Monthly finance from £199

If you’re after a larger estate car, a reversing camera becomes less of a luxury and more of a necessity, since there’s a fair distance between you and the back of the car. The Skoda Superb is a large estate car, no question. With a stonking 660-litre boot volume it offers families the sort of practicality that’s hard to beat.

Even the entry-level S models come with a touchscreen media system, air-conditioning and 16-inch alloys, while SE trim gets you a bigger touchscreen, climate control and adaptive cruise control.

So it’s surprising to learn you need to splash out on the lavishly-equipped Laurin & Klement flagship model to get a reversing camera thrown in as standard. But since the Superb is such great value compared with models with posher badges on the bonnet, you can splash out on a top-spec Superb for less than basic versions of many more upmarket alternatives.

The reversing camera is also available as a standalone £350 option on other models, and as you’d expect it’s a popular extra – just make sure your car’s first owner ticked all the right boxes before buying a used Superb if a reversing camera is important to you.


4. Mazda MX-5 RF

Best sports car with a reversing camera

Our pick Mazda MX-5 RF GT Sport Nav+
Used deals Limited stock

The Mazda MX-5 is one of the most recognisable sports cars around, and for good reason. It’s pretty, compact, affordable and offers serious driving thrills plus, in its latest guise, plenty of comfort and luxury too. The latest versions benefit from a new 2.0-litre engine which is much stronger and more characterful than its predecessor too.

The arrival of the MX-5 RF model introduced another level of appeal thanks to its sleek hardtop coupe styling that converts into a open-roofed roadster at the touch of a button. With the roof up, the MX-5 RF’s cabin is much quieter and more refined than the soft-top version, but the downside is reduced visibility with those big rear roof pillars.

The answer? A reversing camera, of course, and happily the MX-5 RF in top-spec GT Sport Nav+ trim has the necessary kit fitted as standard.


5. Mercedes C Class

Best saloon with a reversing camera

Our pick Mercedes C-Class AMG Line
Latest Deals from £14,099
Monthly finance from £202

The latest Mercedes C-Class offers a supremely appealing combination of handsome looks, a fabulously luxurious interior, great driving characteristics and an impressive array of modern tech.

Spend a little extra on options and you can get a big 10.3-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard for the media system, and that’s where you get to experience the commanding view of the reversing camera that’s standard on every C-Class from SE versions upwards.


6. Lexus RX

Best SUV with a reversing camera

Our pick Lexus RX Premier
Used deals from £33,450
Monthly finance from £488

The Lexus RX off-roader is big, bold and brash to look at, with dramatic, sharp styling that seems to have been inspired by the art of origami paper folding in its native Japan.

Lexus stands for many things, including strong reliability and lavish comfort, and while the RX doesn’t have the sporty handling of rivals like the Range Rover Sport of BMW X5, it’s one of the most comfortable cruisers around thanks to its extremely quiet cabin.

As you’d expect from an expensive luxury model, a reversing camera is part of the standard spec list on all RX models, which run from SE, through Luxury, Sport, F Sport and Premier. If you can stretch to the range-topping RX Premier, you’ll find the reversing camera upgraded to a full 360-degree setup, which allows you to keep tabs on all corners of the car when negotiating tight parking spots.


7. Audi TT

Best coupe with a reversing camera

Our pick Audi TT S Line
Used deals from £11,199
Monthly finance from £207

The Audi TT is fast, fun and stylish, and is pretty practical in sports car terms. That extends to the visibility which, thanks to side windows which extend some way behind the driver and a big rear window in the lift-up tailgate, is much less restrictive than some coupe rivals.

But still, rearward vision is limited in the TT, so Audi makes a rear-view camera an affordable option on all trim levels. It comes as an added function in the highly impressive digital dials pack which replaces traditional analogue dials in front of the driver with digital versions.

Having the reversing camera option helps turn the TT from a car that’s super-satisfying when cruising or blasting along the motorway to one that’s easy to handle for town-based motorists too.


8. Citroen C4 SpaceTourer

Best MPV with a reversing camera

Our pick Citroen C4 SpaceTourer Flair
Used deals from £15,495
Monthly finance from £231

While more and more buyers are choosing SUVs and crossovers, there’s still a lot to be said for traditional people carriers when you have regular family commitments. The Citroen C4 Spacetourer is a case in point. It’s up against rivals like the Renault Scenic and Ford S-Max, but it’s a bit more stylish to look at and is very good value too.

It’s not the sportiest of cars around corners, but Citroen has a reputation for comfy-riding cars that cosset their passengers, and the C4 doesn’t disappoint. With a decent range of efficient petrol and diesel engines, and great equipment levels, the Citroen is definitely worth considering. If you want the standard reversing camera look out for a top-spec Flair model, and you’ll also get a panoramic sunroof, half-leather interior, self-parking and a hands-free tailgate.



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