2019 Diesel scrappage schemes

Up to £5,500 on offer for old cars under new diesel scrappage schemes: plus latest news on local scrappage plans

Dominic Tobin
Apr 3, 2019

Drivers of older diesel cars have been given a reprieve, with a second chance to ditch their car and get thousands of pounds off a new petrol or diesel car.

Five manufacturers have extended their scrappage schemes to at least next summer. Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Renault and Toyota will accept older diesel cars, which don't meet the latest emissions regulations, for large discounts on a brand new vehicle.

At the moment, none of the offers are specific to diesel cars, so you can also trade in an older petrol vehicle. It doesn't matter who made your existing car - scrappage schemes will accept eligible cars from any manufacturer.

Each scheme scheme is explained in detail further down the page but they won't suit all owners:

  • If your car is worth more than the scrappage incentive, you'll be better off part-exchanging it.
  • Many finance offers, including 0% interest are not available with scrappage schemes. Factor in your car's part-exchange value, scrappage may not offer the best deal.
  • Buying a used car or nearly-new model often works out cheaper.

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Car manufacturer diesel scrappage schemes

Scrappage schemes are targeted at older cars, enabling you to replace one for a discount on a new, cleaner model.

It's particularly useful if you have an old diesel car and regularly travel to London, Birmingham, or any other city that is likely to impose a clean air zone. Most diesel cars that were on the road before September 2015 will be subject to daily charges in these zones because they don't meet the latest emissions standards, known as Euro 6

Scrapping the older car for a new one will enable you to avoid charges, whether you buy a petrol or diesel model. 

All of the schemes will accept cars made by other manufacturers but do stipulate that you must have owned the car for a minimum period, which ranges from 60 days to six months.

Most scrappage schemes are due to end by the summer, by which time your new car must be on the road to qualify. If your car isn't eligible, or if you think you'll miss the deadline, you can always part-exchange it for a new or used car.

2019 diesel scrappage deals

Hyundai diesel scrappage scheme

Discount available £1,575-£4,000
Cars accepted for trade-in Vehicles on the road (registered) before October 1, 2011
Cars available to buy i10, i20, ix20, i30, i40, Ioniq*, Kona*, Tucson, Santa Fe  *excludes pure electric versions
Registration deadline June 30, 2019

Hyundai is offering a scrappage discount on most of its cars, from the tiny i10 to the large seven-seat Santa Fe. The biggest incentive is available with the i30 hatchback (pictured), where a £4,000 saving brings the entry-level price down to £13,130, which is less than a Ford Fiesta.

A £2,000 discount on the i10 cuts the starting price of the city car to just £7,200, but the £1,575 saving on a petrol or diesel Kona is less generous. In all cases, it's worth comparing the cost of a car under scrappage, with the total cost of part-exchanging your car and benefitting from other discounts not available with scrappage. These include finance deposit contributions and 0% finance on some models.

All-electric models are excluded from the current promotion, so you can't get a scrappage discount if you're buying a Kona Electric or the electric version of the Ioniq.

Hyundai requires you to have owned your existing car for at least 90 days and for it to have been on the road before October 1, 2011.

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Kia diesel scrappage scheme

Discount available £2,000-£2,500
Cars accepted for trade-in Vehicles registered before March 31, 2012
Cars available to buy Picanto, Stonic, Venga, Sportage
Registration deadline June 30, 2019

Kia's scrappage scheme offers £2,000 off the small Picanto, which starts at £7,895 with the discount applied. Three other models benefit from a £2,500 incentive: the Venga small people carrier, and the Stonic (pictured) and Sportage crossover cars.

As with most other offers, you won't be able to take advantage of some other Kia discounts, so it's worth getting different quotes to see if you could save more by part-exchanging your current car and using other offers.

The scrappage scheme accepts cars that were on the road before March 31, 2012, and which have been owned by you for at least 90 days before ordering.

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Mazda diesel scrappage scheme

Discount available £3,000-£5,550
Cars accepted for trade-in Vehicles registered before December 31, 2010
Cars available to buy 2, 6, CX-3, CX-5, MX-5
Registration deadline June 30, 2019

There's up to £5,500 available from Mazda under its scrappage scheme, with the Mazda 6 saloon (pictured) attracting the largest saving, followed by the CX-5 SUV, which is available with a £4,000 discount. You can save £3,000 on a Mazda 2, CX-3 or MX-5.

Not all Mazdas in the range are offered with a scrappage discount: none of the new Mazda 3 models are eligible, neither are any cars that emit more than 144g/km of carbon dioxide, which rules out petrol versions of the CX-5 and four-wheel drive CX-3 models.

You'll need a car that was on the road before December 31, 2010 to qualify, but the required ownership period is short, at just 60 days.

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Renault diesel scrappage scheme

Discount available £1,000-£3,000
Cars accepted for trade-in Vehicles registered before March 31, 2012
Cars available to buy Zoe, Clio, Captur, Kadjar, Koleos, Megane, Scenic, Twingo
Registration deadline n/a

There's plenty of choice with Renault's scrappage scheme, which includes eight models from the tiny Twingo to the large Koleos SUV (pictured).

Some discounts are sizeable, but so are Renault's current new offers - which aren't always available in conjunction with scrappage savings. To ensure that you get the best deal, you should compare the price of a car under scrappage with a deal that involves you part-exchanging your existing car.

The Kadjar crossover and Zoe electric car come with the largest saving of £3,000 and there's £2,000 off the Clio and Captur. The Renault Twingo has been discontinued, but there are still sticks of new cars available - with a scrappage saving of £1,500. There's a measly £1,000 discount with the Koleos, Megane and Scenic.

You'll be able to trade in a car that was on the road before March 31, 2012, and which you've owned for at least 90 days.

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used cars without scrappage 

Toyota diesel scrappage scheme

Discount available £2,000-£2,500
Cars accepted for trade-in Vehicles registered before July 1, 2011
Cars available to buy Aygo, Yaris (except hybrid)
Registration deadline June 30, 2019

Toyota has combined its scrappage discounts with a 0% finance offer, so you'll pay no interest if you qualify and choose to spread the cost of the car in monthly payments. There's no need to find extra money upfront either, as the £2,000 scrappage incentive can act as the entire deposit.

The choice of cars is limited to the tiny Aygo (pictured) and the small - but spacious - Yaris, with the exception of the hybrid version.

Even if you're not buying on finance, this does make the cars extremely cheap: the Aygo starting at £7,295 with the discount, and the Yaris costing from £10,995.

You'll need to own a car that was on the road before July 1, 2011. You'll need to have had it for at least six months too.

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used cars without scrappage

Government diesel scrappage scheme

There's no current prospect of the government launching a national scrappage scheme for diesel cars, despite the extra diesel taxes that are being imposed on drivers.

However, councils do have the option of setting up local schemes as part of their efforts to improve air quality in their region.

London has already announced that it will offer certain residents an incentive to scrap diesel cars affected by charges in the capital's ultra low emission zone (ULEZ). other cities may follow suit.


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