All-new 2019 Nissan Juke: the latest details

Bigger and better-equipped, but still with wacky styling: the new 2019 Nissan Juke won't blend into the background

Jan 29, 2019

It remains one of the most distinctive cars on the road and is still selling strongly, even after nine years in production, but an all-new version of the Nissan Juke is being prepared for later this year.

The car's wild styling, a high driving position and an affordable price, made it an instant hit when it arrived in 2010, promising the low running costs of a small hatchback and the extra practicality of a taller car.

The Juke was so popular that rivals instantly began working on their own versions, such as the Citroen C3 Aircross, Kia Stonic and Seat Arona. In doing so, they created a new category of car: the small crossover (also known as a small SUV).

These alternatives have improved so much on the original, that the Nissan has fallen behind the curve, with dated technology and a poky interior.

But with the crossover still selling in huge volumes - around 100,000 new Jukes are sold around the world each year - Nissan is aiming to retain the sharp design, while making big improvements to its weak points.

The 2019 Nissan Juke will use the mechanical parts from the latest Micra to be more spacious, more comfortable and better equipped than before.

Scroll down for the latest hints and rumours about the new car, or take a look at the latest new Nissan Juke and used Nissan Juke discounts, which are expected to become more generous as the new car comes closer to production.


Highlights include

  • More distinctive design
  • Micra-like interior with dashboard touchscreen
  • More rear legroom and boot space
  • Potentially available with partial driverless tech
  • Possible hybrid version

Key facts

2019 Nissan Juke reveal date Summer 2019 (estimated)
2019 Nissan Juke price from £15,750 (estimated)
2019 Nissan Juke on sale date Autumn 2019 (estimated)
2019 Nissan Juke first deliveries December 2019 (estimated)

2019 Nissan Juke interior

The current Nissan Juke really shows its age inside, where rear legroom is restricted, compared with modern alternatives, such as the Seat Arona and Citroen C3 Aircross.

Its boot is too small and, in front, the button-strewn dashboard is dated, compared with the cleaner design of modern cars with large touchscreens.

This is all set to change with the 2019 Nissan Juke. It’s set to be longer to increase rear legroom and boot space, while higher-quality materials will enable it to challenge newer and slightly larger cars, like the Volkswagen T-Roc.

A dashboard dominated by a touchscreen - similar to that in the Nissan Micra (pictured) - will modernise the design, allow more personalisation with coloured sections, for example, and introduce the latest technology to the options list.


2019 Nissan Juke technology

The new Nissan Juke is certain to offer much-improved smartphone integration thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which make it easy to control and view apps on the car’s touchscreen, as well as to dictate text messages.

Nissan ProPilot assistance technology may be available too. It’s a partially driverless system, which takes control of acceleration, braking and steering on motorways and dual carriageways, although drivers still have to keep their hands on the wheel and remain ready to take full control.

Nissan’s 360-degree all-round camera will continue to make parking easier, as will self-parking technology, where the car takes control of steering to guide itself into a space.

High-end Bose speakers are likely to be on the options list.


2019 Nissan Juke review

The car hasn’t yet been seen by company outsiders, let alone driven, so it’s impossible to say with certainty how the Juke will drive.

However, it’s expected to follow the same course as the Micra, combining reasonable comfort with precise cornering, thanks to technology that can brake individual wheels to maintain a sharp turn.


2019 Nissan Juke design

Still one of the wackiest-looking cars on the road, the sales success of the current Nissan Juke has been partially attributed to its individual styling.

Nissan isn't going to lose the car's unique characteristic, and so you can expect more outlandish shapes integrated into the design. Nissan may decide to retain the large circular headlights, as shown in the image at the top of the page.

Exterior personalisation options, such as contrasting roof and mirror colours, as well as a range of alloy wheel designs may be available to help make each car more unique - and to boost Nissan’s profits.

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2019 Nissan Juke model range

Nissan tends to use the same trim levels throughout its range, beginning with entry-level Visia and ending with the range-topping Tekna.

Mid-range Acenta cars tend to offer the best value, with alloy wheels, air conditioning, automatic emergency braking and a touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. Higher-grade N-Connecta cars typically have more technology, including sat-nav.

It’s likely that the 2019 Juke will offer the same format, although the exact levels of equipment may differ.

The current model was available in a high-performance Nissan Juke Nismo specification, with sporty exterior additions and hot hatchback acceleration. It’s not known whether the new model will have a similar specification.


2019 Nissan Juke engines

A new range of engines is expected to be launched with the Juke, ranging from small and economical petrol units, mid-size, powerful diesels and large, sporty petrol engines.

It’s rumoured that the car will also be available as a hybrid, offering much better fuel economy and lower emissions, particularly during city driving.

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