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Christofer Lloyd
Jan 14, 2022

Traipsing around the country looking at used cars can be a real hassle - especially following the coronavirus outbreak, with many drivers wary about coming into contact with those who may have the virus, consequently choosing to wear a mask and gloves to keep themselves safe. However, there's no need to make lengthy and costly trips around the country to purchase a used car - order online with BuyaCar and the car comes to you.

With BuyaCar it doesn't matter whether the car you like the look of is based in Dartmouth, Derby or Dundee - BuyaCar will deliver the car straight to your front door. This saves you the time and hassle of getting friends or family to drop you off at a dealership - or having to take public transport.

Cars purchased through BuyaCar are delivered from dealerships that are, on average, 164 miles away, saving you the fuss and expense of a 328-mile round trip. Get a lift and the fuel for such a journey could potentially cost you £100 when you consider filling up the car of the person who took you there as well as your new one, and take you and your lift a full day. If you need to travel to a station, get a train and potentially another taxi at the other end to get to the showroom, meanwhile, it could cost even more overall.

Customers can choose between several delivery options depending upon where the car is located and whether they'd prefer a lower cost to have the car driven to them or to pay a little extra to have the car transported on the back of a lorry to keep the miles right down.

The cost of standard driven delivery within England and Wales is included with the monthly finance costs you can see on the BuyaCar website.

Do let us know if you need a car delivered to Scotland or Northern Ireland - or if you would prefer that your car is delivered on the back of a lorry rather than driven to you - and we will provide a finance quote tailored to you. 

BuyaCar delivery options

  • Driven delivery: the car is driven from the dealership straight to your front door
  • Transported delivery: the car is transported to your door on the back of a lorry

BuyaCar delivery costs (including VAT)

  • Driven delivery within England and Wales: £239
  • Driven delivery to Scotland: £335
  • Driven/ferry delivery to Northern Ireland: £599
  • Transporter delivery within England and Wales: £479
  • Transport delivery to Scotland: £599
  • Please note that additional charges may apply to more remote areas such as the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and the Isle of Wight
  • We are unable to deliver to the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands

Our standard delivery cost - for driven delivery within England and Wales - is included in the monthly finance payments quoted on the BuyaCar website. Please be aware that if you wish to have your car delivered on a Saturday, that there is an additional £52 cost for this, while electric cars must be provided using transporter delivery.

How does BuyaCar driven delivery work?

We understand that you want your new car to be kept in tip-top condition, so we work with several trusted delivery companies who typically drive cars to customers' front door. The driver will travel to the dealer to collect the car and then drive it to your home - whether that is in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

This is the quickest and most affordable way for you to get your car, though be aware that additional mileage will be added to the car in driving it from the dealer to you.

How does BuyaCar transported delivery work?

If you'd rather keep the miles down on the car you're buying, you have the option to have it delivered to you on the back of a lorry. This involves the driver picking up the car from the dealership, loading it onto a lorry and transporting it straight to your door.

The process is just as simple for you - the car comes to you - but it may take a little longer than a standard delivery for us to organise. The benefit is that your new car arrives at your door with no additional miles on the clock in getting it to you.

What does the delivery charge cover?

BuyaCar delivery drivers make their own way to the dealership (or drive a lorry there if you have opted for transporter delivery) and inspect your new car to make sure that it meets BuyaCar's standards. The driver then takes a series of photos before signing for the vehicle.

The car is then driven - or loaded onto the back of a lorry if you have chosen transporter delivery - and driven to you, with the driver phoning an hour ahead to confirm the arrival time. On arrival the driver will leave the car, keys and other relevant documents with you before making their own way home.

The entire delivery trip is insured by the logistics company.


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