Refinancing a car

Coming to an end of your PCP contract? Refinance your balloon payment (also known as the optional final payment) with BuyaCar

Jul 31, 2020

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Refinancing a car loan: the good

✔  Refinance your car at a lower interest rate to reduce your monthly payments
✔  Refinance the car over a longer contract term to cut your monthly payments
✔  Refinance at the end of the PCP term to keep the car and spread the lump sum cost

Refinancing a car loan: not so good

Refinancing a car during the contract period may not be good value
Refinancing for a longer contract term usually means paying more overall
Refinancing a car at the end of the PCP means continuing to pay interest

Coming to the end of your current car finance contract or simply need to cut your monthly payments? If so, refinacing can help you to get the lowest possible monthly payments on your current car or to make the 'optional final payment' at the end of a PCP deal which enables you to take ownership of the car.

To find out more about refinacing your car, how Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) and Hire Purchase (HP) finance options works click on the links below.

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