Cheap car finance

Cheap car finance whether you buy from a dealer, car supermarket or online. Flexible PCP & HP agreements. No-deposit option available

BuyaCar team
May 17, 2021

Finding low-rate car finance can make your monthly payments more affordable or reduce the amount of money that you need for a deposit. You should also end up paying less in the long run to finance your car.

BuyaCar offers finance from a range of partner lenders to ensure that you get a competitive rate for your circumstances where possible.

If you’ve already found a car at a different retailer or dealership, then BuyaCar can arrange finance at the same low rates.

Call 0800 050 2333 for more information.

Alternatively, you can find any car on BuyaCar and apply for finance. All of vehicles are thoroughly checked and delivered to your door with a warranty and money-back guarantee. Click below for more information

Cars with cheap finance

1. Cheap car finance for any vehicle

Whether you’ve found your ideal vehicle at a car supermarket, franchised dealership, or on another website, you can still benefit from BuyaCar’s low-rate finance offers for Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP) finance. Van buyers can choose a Lease Purchase option

The type of finance and rates available will depend on the vehicle you’re buying and your credit profile. Depending on your circumstances, the benefits of BuyaCar finance include:

  • Low interest rates
  • No-deposit option
  • Flexible contract length
  • Range of lenders to suit your circumstances

Extended warranties and asset protection (often referred to as GAP insurance) can also be built into your monthly finance package. Please enquire for pricing.

Call 0800 050 2333 for more information on applying for finance through BuyaCar.

Alternatively, you can apply immediately online:

  1. Search all deals to find a car that’s similar to the one you want
  2. Apply for finance on that model
  3. We’ll let you know if you’re successful
  4. Your finance quote will be transferred to the vehicle you’re looking to buy.

2. Cheap car finance with a BuyaCar vehicle

Applying for a finance quote couldn’t be easier if you have found a car that you like on BuyaCar.

Every nearly new and used car, as well as each van on the site is displayed with a representative finance quote. The monthly payment is based on a typical APR rate, deposit and term length, and is an indication of what you might pay.

You’ll need to apply for a quote that’s tailored to your situation, which will provide you with accurate figures for your monthly payment and the total amount to be paid throughout the contract.

If required, you’ll usually be able to adjust the deposit and term length to increase or decrease the monthly payment as needed.




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