What is Citroen SimplyDrive?

Pay for your car finance, insurance, servicing and breakdown cover in one single instalment: all the details on Citroen SimplyDrive

Andrew Goodwin
Nov 8, 2021
Citroen C4 Cactus moving

Citroen SimplyDrive is an intriguing finance deal that aims to make budgeting for your car as simple as possible. Often referred to as 'just add fuel' deals, all the major costs associated with car ownership are rolled into one fixed monthly payment, removing the guesswork from budgeting. The only variable cost is how much petrol or diesel you pay for at the pump. It also means the cost of the car is spread out, so you don't need to save up for a large upfront payment.

Several deals like this have appeared across the market over the years, including Citroen SimplyDrive and Peugeot's Just Add Fuel, which allows you to finance a brand new car, with costs including insurance, tax, servicing, and roadside assistance all taken care of within your monthly payments. All you have to do is drive - hence the name.

Generally speaking, just add fuel options including Citroen SimplyDrive are only available with brand new cars, and the offer will normally be restricted to certain models.

Initiatives like this are a great way for younger and first-time drivers to get hold of a set of keys, making for an easy introduction into motoring, without having to worry about unexpected costs for repairs or servicing, while also offering the benefit of paying monthly for the car with a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) deal. This takes away the need to save a small mountain of cash to buy a car outright.

As a side note, in the case of Citroen SimplyDrive, drivers aged 18-20 or with less than two years of no claims discount, will need to have a black box fitted to their car, which will monitor the safety of their driving.

How Citroen SimplyDrive works


✔ Easy to budget with single monthly payment
✔ Fixed insurance costs (unless circumstances change)
✔ Can offer good value for young drivers
✔ Large choice of Citroens


 Limited to Citroen models
 Younger drivers and drivers without a no claims discount require a black box
 Can't shop for cheaper insurance or breakdown cover
 Safe driving doesn't cut insurance costs

Citroen SimplyDrive for young drivers

If you’re aged between 18 and 20 and you've had your driving licence for less than two years, then you’ll need to have a black box fitted to your SimplyDrive car. Using telematics technology, it will monitor how you’re driving, and keep a record of your speed among other things, including the roads that you’re travelling on and how smoothly you brake and accelerate. Your performance is ranked out of 100. Your score has to remain above a threshold set by Citroen. If it falls below, then you’ll be sent a formal warning. Receive four of those in a year, and your insurance policy will be cancelled.

This will be the same for any driver with less than two years of insurance no claims discount. The minimum age for the scheme is 18. Drivers under 21 are limited to certain models and smaller engines if they want to use SimplyDrive.

How much does Citroen SimplyDrive cost?

It all depends on the car that you’re looking at and your circumstances - particularly your age, which will affect your insurance payments.

For example, an 18-year-old living in Staffordshire can take out a SimplyDrive agreement on a small Citroen C1 (below), which has relatively cheap monthly finance payments. However, the insurance part of the agreement adds £123 per month, taking the total monthly payment to £268.

For a 23-year-old with two years’ no claims discount, the insurance element drops to £53 a month, bringing monthly payments down to £198.

The exact quote will depend on your postcode, the length of the agreement, mileage limit and deposit that you have.

Is Citroen SimplyDrive good value?

As long as you want a Citroen, and the insurance part of the deal is cheaper than you would be able to obtain elsewhere, then SimplyDrive can be good value.

The price tends to increase sharply if you choose a car with anything but the smallest engine. That's because you face a double whammy of higher insurance costs, plus the extra finance payments for a more expensive model - just as you would if you bought these items separately.

Also, cars purchased through SimplyDrive won’t necessarily be available with the very best Citroen discounts that might be on offer, so it’s worth comparing against the cost of financing a car and paying for the insurance separately, along with all of the other benefits that are also included.

If you’re set on a single monthly payment that includes everything except fuel, then you can also look at other just add fuel deals, operated by Citroen’s sister companies DS and Peugeot.

Requirements for Citroen SimplyDrive

As with other types of car finance, you will have to pass a credit check. There’s also a list of requirements that are designed to attract safe drivers.

  • Drivers aged between 18 and 24 cannot have had any driving convictions in the past five years, or any fault or theft claims in the previous three.
  • Young drivers must also have a black box fitted, as does anyone without a two year no claims discount.
  • Drivers aged 25 and over cannot have had more than one minor conviction (and no serious driving convictions) in the previous five years and must have held their driving licence for at least two years.
  • There is also an upper age limit: you have to be under 75 to qualify.

Can I end a SimplyDrive agreement early?

Yes. If you decide that you would prefer to pay for insurance, breakdown cover or servicing separately, then you can remove one or more of these elements during the agreement without penalty. These are pay-as-you-go services so if you stop making the payments, you’ll need to make your own arrangements, but you won’t owe anything.

However, if you want to hand the car back or buy it before the end of the agreed term, then you’ll need to ask Citroen for a settlement figure. This will be the total amount that you’ll need to pay in order to end the agreement. You’ll save on some interest payments but will usually have to pay an additional fee. Towards the end of the agreement, the settlement fee may not apply.


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